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Muscle-ups – Step 1

November 13, 2014

Step 1 -Establish the number of maximum strict Chest To Bar Pull-up using a chin up hand position.

My rule of thumb is if you can complete 8 repetitions then you should have no issue with strength. However, most individuals attempting to get their first muscleup will not have the ability to perform this amount of repetitions without assistance from a band. Which case, use a band that allows you to now reach 8 reps. Each rep should be controlled up and controlled down, extending the elbows at the bottom as much as possible. The top of the movement should be completed when contact is made without a kip, just below the clavicle in the upper chest area. It is VITAL that this be performed rigid and strict for all 8 reps.

Strength the core element of achieving a muscle up. The ability to pull your weight high and with ease. Immediately you should start a pull-up program that is written for you below. You will notice significant increase in just 3 weeks.
Week 1- 4 sets /8reps /4X week
Week 2- 4 sets /9reps /4X week
Week 3- 4 sets /10eps /4X week
Week 4- 4 sets /11-12reps /4X week
Week 5- decrease to lower band and start back at 8 repetitions.

Rest 2:00 between sets.
*continue this program until you have achieved the muscleup.

This same strength program has been the most beneficial factor for anyone who succeeded with my training plan. Make time after class or before and develop the want for a muscle up so badly, that you can see it in your mind. You will no doubt achieve it in these steps I’m presenting to you.

Step 2 tomorrow – skill transfers



A Bullet Proof Muscle-Up Plan

November 12, 2014 2 Comments

This week I’ll be posting the essential phases of the Muscle up. Over the last 5 years I have devoted numerous hours observing and training methods.Finally, I have created a detailed step by step instruction of a very successful program. This entire series will feature demo videos, common faults, essential progression phases, homework skills while allowing you to set a realistic date for achieving a muscle up.

Step 1 – Understanding Strength

Here we Access and implement a strength foundational program. This is based on your current level of strict chest touching the bar pull-up. Typical 3-5 Strength days a week taking 15 minutes to complete

Step 2 – The 3 Transitional Skills & Drills + Common Faults

– Understanding The False Grip

– Standing Ring Transition Band Transition.

– Seated Band Transition

Step 3 – Lying Ring Kips

L-R kips were created after analyzing multiple cases, specifically women, seemed as if they ended up with their body horizontal during many attempts of the muscle up. Seeing this more often than not, I had to take it and develop a method for getting these individuals from point A to B of the ring dip, immediately and aggressive.


Step 4 – The Assisted Strict Muscle-Up

Hands down…The best drill I’ve developed to date. Measurable, effective, Confidence booster & more! Here you will learn exactly how to develop the skills learned to this point into the most realistic motion toward the Muscle Up.

Step 5- Spotted Muscle Up Attempts
Here you learn the timing and essential elements of connecting the 3 separate skills in a successful muscle up. (Sweep, pull, transition)

Step 6- implementation Of Weekly Program
Here you will be identifying weaknesses & establishing realistic goal date through action of the skills.

I’ll post the first phase tomorrow afternoon. As always, email me or contact me direct. I offer online coaching for anyone looking to get skill programs for their needs each week.

One Thought Can Change It All

November 5, 2014

I want you to take a moment an think back to your child hood, as far back as possible. Now think back to your most vivid pre-teenager memory. Take a moment to do this before reading on. Try to recall any thoughts, emotions, actions or details for each.

I vaguely remember my 5th, maybe 6th Birthday party and my gift, a black & yellow basketball. Two things I remember from that day are the colors of the basketball and sitting on the edge of what I think to be a folding table. My most vivid pre-teen memory was a summer day, no school and just my sister and I at home. I was jumping on and off of the living room couch while holding a pair of unsharpened wooden pencils clinched between my fist. I was pretending to be Ralphele , one of the Ninja Turtles. The pencils were to me, as the 3 sphered weapon is to Ralphele. I recall emotions and details much more than the earliest memory. For example, I only pretended to be Ralphele because I had 2 identical pencils that simulated his 3 prong sphere. As I jumped around with clinched fist in the air, I was really testing the patience of my sister Leeann; she was yelling at me to stop playing on the furniture. This didn’t phase me of course, I was fearless, I was unknown to what fear was! Everyone of us were fearless at one time in our lives! What happened?

Everyone of us were fearless at one time in our lives! What happened?

What happened is we unintentionally developed awareness of the universal laws. We learned that every thought we act on has a potential reward or even a punishment. What we don’t understand is that the thoughts and limits others passed to your mind through the power of influence. I’d hear mom say; ” Don’t do that Max, that’s what bad boys do”. Causing me to place layers of what good and bad look like solely based off an opinion someone else.

As we developed into our teenage years we learn about 2 major fears that influence us today and for the rest of our lives. These two judgement and criticism. Both have held millions from so many wonderful opportunities. It’s difficult to imagine life without fear but we created most of the fears we each have in our own mind. There are organic fears that exist but most feats are passed through an open mind or learned through painful experiences; both emotionally and physically. An organic fear is the fear of darkness, a natural instinct of not being able to see, triggers a panic of loneliness and potential harm. Criticism & judgment have been learned through social interaction thus not instinctively passed down organically. Racism & religion are two prime examples of the power of influence many battle to free from their mind today.

Okay max, what’s your point? My point of this blog post is to open your mind and free it from limitations that have been placed on us through influences of others, both positive and negative. Imagine how great today would be if you truly did not care if your co-workers judged you. Imagine a day that you acted on your purpose in life without fear of criticism or failure. How can one have the courage to create a purpose when the ones who love you most tell you to not risk it, it’s too hard, that’s never been done! Too many times I see my friends ideas shut down by others doubt and “what if” sydrome. Limitations set by fears close the door of the creative imagination and belief in our dreams. I swear to you with all that I love…. Any THOUGHT can become a REALITY in a physical means.

You have complete control over your mind, the most powerful machine in the universe. In just the past 100 years we have done more amazing accomplishments than any before. Each idea at one time was unknown and just a thought in someone’s mind. Those who shaped and molded our world had no fear of what others said, they blocked out negative influences and developed a strong faith in their vision or thought. They failed over and over again and many were thought to be insane for beliefs of the unknown and even placed in psychiatric care for an idea known today as the radio! Today, we know this is not crazy at all, but rather a cornerstone in the 21st century. Imagine if you were living in 1914 while possessing the knowledge of our world in 2014. You could share with everyone that man is soon going to have the ability to send moving pictures across continents in the blink of an eye, that someday we will travel to the moon through space travel and that they can and will have the ability to eat breakfast in California then enjoy lunch in New York through flight.

These people of this age will abandoned you and assume your nuts. They will judge you for believing in such impossible feats giving you no hope to create the world we have today. It is vital for your future to take action and learn ways to free your mind of the carnage that is lurking day & night. You have the opportunity to close your mind from destructive thoughts whenever you please, you just need to know how. If you have a purpose, a goal and a little faith; this is all you need to light a burning desire. Once you can truly believe that your mind possesses abilities that are intangible, then you can understand that one thought can change it all.

Life is what we create it to be. You and you only are to blame for negative actions in your life just as much as you have the right to achieve whatever you want. To truly master your mind you must learn and shape a new mental approach through daily practice. Make an effort to feed your brain positive reading each day while letting go of negative influences around you. Say “I WIll” and not “I can’t” or “I won’t”, believe me, you can trick your mind and eventually it will act. This is possible if you understand our sub conscious mind is a reflex act of what we feed it.

If you currently have set a goal and wish to achieve it, you must develop the DESIRE to achieve your goal through conscious actions and faith building exercises. I recommend one that I have learned and owe credit is a book titled- “Think & Grow Rich”.


Plank Challenge Update

November 3, 2014

I set a goal of 100 people to participate in the plank challenge I posted last week. Did we hit it? Good question! It’s unknown how many exactly participated but viewers from numerous states, 3 countries and Facebook raked up some good photos to share.

New challenge Monday!





Protected: Monday – Advance Power Speed Workout

November 3, 2014

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Protected: Oscar & Luis Travel Program- Week 2

November 3, 2014

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Planks Gone Viral

October 30, 2014

Photo above- My good friend and exceptional client, Tony D. – Los Angeles CA.

A few years ago I read a blog post from an unknown CrossFit Box that inspired this post and my plank challenge posted below. The unknown box had their crew complete at free will a monthly task of some designated movement in order to successfully complete the series of movements or exercises that were established. I have no idea who or what the exact details of this challenge coated for the clients of that box; all I recall is the lightbulb that turned on inside my brain. What a SIMPLE but Wonderful approach to building a fun and challenging task that clients should achieve every day of each week!

It’s known as the Compound Effect. A Law stating that small changes to matter over long periods of time have a massive effect in our lifetime.

Think of your body as a currency. You decide to invest effort/currency into each daily challenge, although it doesn’t take much time in relation to the 24 hour day, over the weeks, months, years, decades and counting. You became an automatic millionaire, better known in this post as a fitness guru! This is sure to leave a noticeable positive impact for your mind and body. This is the Compound Effect of a body in motion.

Weekly Challenge 1 –
Complete 5:00 in the plank position.
This is forearms and toes in contact with the ground, nothing more.

Complete the 5:00 challenge in the least amount of sets possible.

Post scores in comments! Share it with a friend and let’s make this go VIRAL!

Minimalist Workouts

October 23, 2014

Just 10 years ago the health & fitness industry was known for a sea of machines, 3 sets of 10 & body pump group X classes. Now when I open the latest Mens Health subscription all I see is variations of functional workouts using minimal equipment.

It’s easy to see why this is the latest trend, it is fun and can be done anywhere! Curls have been replaced with pull-ups, bench press with handstand push-ups, leg press for back squats while treadmills have been gathering dust as people circuit train instead. Which is an alternate cardio mix usually stacking 3-5 exercises utilizing the entire body. There is no doubt CrossFit played a major role in these traditional old school workout methods. Every program I’ve seen today, for the most part, implements movements and methodology developed by CrossFit.

For the past 12 months I’ve been developing workouts with minimal equipment and mostly a very creative mind. I’ll admit that I’m hooked on the outdoor programs; It’s something about the fresh air, no need for a gym and developing a golden tan in the California sun that has drawn me outdoors. Of course the results I’ve noticed have been the largest key factor to my new training.

If you are becoming bored or not seeing the results you once did, I challenge you to step outside and workout with Mother Nature. She’s bitter cold and also blazing hot, she’ll freshen your routine and teach you that there is no excuse not to workout, no matter where you may find yourself.

Bastardizing The Push-Up

October 22, 2014


In all of its magnificent years the push-up has been a staple movement in any exercise program. It’s easy to see why as it can be performed anyplace & anytime. A movement so effective it has been used by our Military branches for years as the exercise for combat readiness troops.

Performing the Push-up rigidly and strictly can be more difficult than not for most. As a compound movement, one of my top 3, it activates multiple muscle groups from our head to toes when performed correctly. Of course the movement has evolved and created many variations from where it evolved, many which I love! However, I’ve seen this movement bastardized in ways that it should never be done…. EVER! Below I’ve posted some tips on how to not bastardize this glorious movement.

Performing it correctly:

1- While lying on the floor bring your feet close together & place your hands right outside your torso area.
(Think thumbs close to nipple)

2- Contract all major muscle groups for maximum results during each rep.
Think quads, glutes & abs. The chest and arms will naturally contract.

3- Perform maximum range of motion during each rep while controlling speed and tempo on the way up & down.

4- Always perform a specific number of reps that allow you to break the tissue down and get stronger. This is between 45-60 seconds of non stop reps.

What To Avoid

1- Peeling off the ground. I know…. you can do them faster and even more! Keep that for competitions, not the training room.

2- Poor body alignment. You should have a toothpick like body from head to toe. Contract all major muscle groups and look at a focus point 10 ft in front of you. This should help.

3- Performing low rep sequences. You have to keep the muscle under tension for almost a minute for maximum strength and composition results. Keep your numbers as planned chunks with more rest if needed for best results.

Scaling The Push-Up

As I stated this is very difficult to perform rigid and strict. Scaling is simply modifying the movement in a manner which allows you to keep all the 4 steps for a correct push-up I posted above. If you are having issues pressing up or maintaining alignment during your reps, simply increase the angle of your position.
Example- against a wall or a box. This will allow you to press less of your total weight but keeping your toothpick position activated.

Start doing 100 a day for 30 days & you’ll see overall benefits in shoulder strength as well as core strength. I have seen major jumps in individuals of all ages and athletic backgrounds from this one movement alone. I’d recommend more advanced athletes complete 10 sets of 30 reps at a small incline and controlled tempo for best results.

6PM FreakFit Community Workout

October 20, 2014

Click here for the location

Tonight I will be presenting another Open Community Workout starting at 6:00pm. If you are excited to try FreakFit for free!
text me-949-307-2078.

* have at least one warming layer
* bring a smile